Wächter der Weisheit e.V.

Homepage of german gaming association Wächter der Weisheit e.V. from Cologne.

The association "Waechter der Weisheit e.V." was founded with the aim of raising the guild "Phoenix Union" to a new, modern and effective level, organizationally, financially and with respect to the level of recognition.

We make it our main task to offer a counter-concept to large clans and guilds, which define their success via server-firsts, epic-equipment, and all too strong a limitation of playful freedom. We offer all those who want to be part of a family-based guild and who do not want to be dictated by the game, but rather want to have fun in the game at the "real life" match times. This means that while we want reliability, family, work and similarly important things always take precedence.

In addition, we set up rules, develop concepts and make plans to promote games and to promote the community in a game, but only for the purpose of improving the playing experience for the individual. At the same time, however, we expect the rules to be adhered to and that the member will support the guild as much as possible, contributing to the community. It is always intended to encourage members to participate in the organization of games and the guild concepts.

The infrastructure of the guild is provided by the new financial base of the association and makes things like own servers possible. In addition, there are a number of other ideas that we plan to implement with the help of the association in the future.

In addition, the association has an important mission in making the medium "video games" - and especially the division of the "Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Games" (MMOG) more accessible to the public as a piece of modern culture and counter the unscrupulous coverage in the media. To this end, we are planning future exhibitions, but also cooperation with the media, games media, developers and producers. The image of the "gamers" is to be developed away from the "freak" image to a sociable participant in a new cultural form.

The executive board,

Barungar, Domdor and Thorhelm