The following types of membership in the association "Wächter der Weisheit e.V." are available, the club membership and the sponsoring membership.

Club membership

Anyone who decides to join the association as a full club member should meet the following criteria:

1. The candidate shows a regular presence and activity in our community.

2. The candidate expressly supports the goals of the association.

Supporting membership

Anyone who is unable to become a full club member but still wants to financially support the association can enter into a supporting membership. The contribution rate is significantly lower, and the right to participate in the general assemblies is also available as a sponsor. However, there is no active right to vote with the sponsoring member.

For both the full membership as well as in the supporting membership, there are reduced contribution rates, e.g. for retirees or apprentices that will meet your life situation.

Depending on which type of memberships you decide, you can fill in the form, now:

Antrag Vereinsmitgliedschaft (application form)
(as a legally binding document we can only supply a german version)

Please send the completed application to the following address:

Wächter der Weisheit e.V.
c/o Markus Kesternich
Parkstr. 33
50374 Erftstadt


The executive board decides on applications. The notification will be sent to you by email.